Thursday, 6 February 2014

How to host a baby shower

Who is given a baby shower?

The history of a baby shower is quite long, but always has the same purpose. To celebrate both a new baby entering their family and a new mother being created too.
Traditionally, a baby shower is given to the mother to be. All other women that are close to the mother to be are invited to share gifts and wisdom.
The modern woman now finds herself sharing the experience with the father to be and co-ed baby showers are becoming more popular than ever before.
It is also common for baby showers to celebrate the birth of an ‘unexpected surprise’ to already practising mums and dads. Long after they have given away their baby items, they too need to begin all over again.

When to give a baby shower?

It is most common to host a baby shower approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the baby’s due date.
Of course, this is purely a guide and some mothers choose to have their baby shower 6-8 weeks prior to be able to make any last trimester purchases which were not presented to them from their baby shower.
Some mothers to be find their baby just could not wait to join them and in this instance, it is perfectly acceptable and enjoyably held after the birth.
When you have decided the approximate timeframe, it’s time to set a date. Keep in mind any major holidays approaching or special occasions such as weddings which may clash with your date.

Who runs a baby shower?

Who runs a baby shower is as varied as the person who is given the baby shower.
In some cultures a group of women host a shower collectively; some mothers have their mothers or a close friend. And some choose to host their own.
It is up to the mother to be to think who they would like in control of their baby shower and it a good idea to speak to the mother to be to get an understanding of what it is she would like to achieve for the day.
The host or hostess’ are responsible for the theme of the day (after consulting the mother to be perhaps, unless she is ok with total surprises). This could be a theme around baby feet, nursery rhymes, well-loved book characters or anything at all.

What happens at a baby shower?

Traditionally, a baby shower has five main component’s –
1.      Welcoming your guests
2.      Playing games
3.      Opening gifts
4.      Supper
5.      Thanking your guests

It’s a great idea to welcome your guests and introduce them to other friends and family whom they may not know. This is also an important task for the host/ess so the mother to be is not spending all of her time ensuring people are mingling. A great idea is to present each guest with a name tag and how they know the mother to be.
Games are an integral part of the modern day baby shower. The amount of games should vary with the amount of guests attending. Just like a game of bowling, the more players you have, the longer each game takes to complete. Guest up to 15, its suggested up to 6 major games, with less as the guest limit increases. 25 or more guests, 3-4 major games should be enough.
Opening gifts and supper can be interchangeable where either can be last. If people have worked up and appetite or a thirst from the days play, then now is a great time to take 5 and present your guest with something to eat and drink. While they gather around, you can announce gifts will be opened and they are free to see them now, or afterwards. Alternatively, you can incorporate the gift opening with a final gift bingo game to entertain guests while presents are opened. This leaves the mother to be free after opening gifts to enjoy time chatting to her guests over something yummy.
Finally, be sure to thank all your guests for coming to help celebrate your special day.

Baby shower ideas that work

There are so many themes, so many choices now when deciding on a baby shower. You choose something at home, at a function venue or outside.

When having a baby shower outside, the ability to ‘decorate’ is limited. Choose items which can be used from the ground up. Select helium filled balloons on weights which can stand quite tall. There are many foil shapes out there which can suit any theme.
You can also choose yard signs and join them with bunting to cordon off an area if required.

A baby shower held at a function venue is a way to leave the cleaning and preparing up to someone else and is great when you have a small or large group of guests. Depending on where, sometime you may need to share your event with other people, such as a high tea and you may be limited to the games or activities involved.
A fun idea is to have ‘chair prizes’ and place a scratch to win game card under every chair and see who may be the winner!
Another great idea is to play ‘The Price is Right’ game. Ask each guest on their invite to bring one baby essential and nominate it so no two guests bring the same item. Ask them to keep the receipt and give it to the host/mother to be. On the table, place each item, either length way for a square/rectangular table or around in a circle for round tables. Give each guest a game card and ask them all to guess the correct RRP of each item. The guest who is closest is the winner. This game does not disturb other parties and does not need any space.
You can replace the venue napery with a packet of baby themed napkins and provide a bonbonniere on each person’s table setting as a thank you.

For a traditional at home baby shower, you should consider how many guests versus how much space you have.
If you are having a lot of guests, look to double up and create teams for your games. Bingo in pairs, play two games of pin the dummy at the same time to save time.
The “Itty Bitty Ultrasound” game or “who’s that baby” (must ask each guest to bring a photo of themselves as an infant) is great for large volume of guests. You can place each ultrasound picture or guests baby photo on the wall and have your guests come up and match the correct answers throughout the day, so long as you ensure your answers are in before the end of the day to win a prize!
Our new "Breaking Waters" game is a great 'ice' breaker - pardon the pun! When all your guests have arrived, start the party off by placing all the ice cubes in a bowl and ask your guests to place one in an icecream/lolly cup and see who is first to have their baby break free from the waters!

Ideas that work for all types of baby showers
Notes of advice for the mother to be.
A great idea for any baby shower is to present the mother to be with her very own set of “new mother advice cards”. This is a perfect idea to present to the mother to be so she may look upon them when she needs to know – how to settle, why baby is crying, how to get over a rut, how not to get down, best feeding tips etc. Advice can be funny or insightful, but definitely personal.
If someone in the family is crafty, they can place these into a wonderful keepsake scrapbook to look back on in years to come.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to create a "Gender Reveal" Party.

"What is the buzz about gender reveal" I hear you ask.
Well....inside this blog issue I explain the process and the way to host one.

Another popular question is "Why have a gender reveal party? If they are bringing a gift, they'd like to know what it is first, right?". Keep reading, this is also explained further.

The purpose of the gender reveal is where you the parents/mother to be want to announce to family and friends the gender of your unborn baby. Think of it as the "SURPRISE" when you walk into any type of surprise party not the "Congratulations" after you've entered the room.

Gender reveal parties are taking up steam for 2nd and consecutive time round parents. It's a new twist on an old tradition which usually sees baby showers arranged for first time mothers/parents. It also sees more men at the celebration.

At a gender reveal you can still play gender neutral games. Pin the Dummy on the Baby or Baby Shower Bingo. There are many 'mum and dad games' too where the males are included in the celebration. Fun games include -
 or even 'door prize games such as "scratch n win" like this -

Gifts - you can specify to your guests either gifts are optional or they can bring a specific theme of gifts such as 'books, blankets, nappies, essentials (wipes, wash, creams etc) or even a donation towards an education fund.

How to decorate for a boy/girl party.
There is a great selection of gender neutral party supplies. A big favourite of ours is the "Tiny Feet" range, originating from the UK. One product that stands out is the champagne glass pram decorations. Keep a smidge of pink and blue food dye (or cordial if you don't mind the flavor) on hand and create some beautiful pink and blue champagnes or wines or mocktails.
Keeping the theme pink and blue really sets the atmosphere.

How to announce the gender?
There are fabulous ways to announce whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.
  • A box full of balloons
  • Cutting a cake with the inside being either blue or pink
  • Pink or blue blobs inside of cupcakes
  • Thank you favour boxes with gender specific lollies inside
  • Gender Reveal Party Poppers

Once the announcement has been made - time to eat! The build up of all the excitement and game playing is sure to leave your guests with a hearty appetite.
Create a pink and blue candy buffet.
If the food has been hidden away during the soiree, then you can bring out a colour themed afternoon tea!
Add blue food colour to boiled eggs. Decorate your cupcakes in the appropriate coloured icing. Dip strawberries in food dyed white chocolate to suit the gender. Maybe scones with either blueberry or strawberry jam.
And last but not least, enjoy your day.



Tuesday, 22 October 2013

It's a Pink Party
Dyed devilled eggs

Turkish delights!

Always a favourite - Pink Macs

Cute baby bloomers gift set

Yummy Cupcakes

Something for the room. Hanging birds

Novelty certificate - perfect gift for the nursery

Ohhh.....what a statement!



Blue icing cupcakes

MMMMmm Macarons!

A great idea to say thank you! Coloured popcorn

 Bunting to complete the look

 Somewhere to keep all the delicious goodies
Decorate the table!

Don't forget a gift!
Add some colour and vibrancy above the food or gift table :)
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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Glorious High Tea Range


Welcome to a world in vintage for baby showers!
This fabulous layout comes in the following options -
Cake stands
Mini cake/petit four stand
Trivia Game
Cupcake cases and toppers


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Melon Fruit Baby Carriage

My Melon Carriage
So after many pictures of these table centres being flung at me I finally decided to have a try of it myself.
And I have to admit, not bad for the first time! Beginners luck, and honestly, it didn't take long at all.
You could whip this up 20 minutes before your guests arrive for super freshness. I have used a rockmelon as i was unsure how long a big watermelon would take to do. This size would be great for a small gathering >10ppl but certainly go for a watermelon if entertaining for anymore than this.
I hope you enjoy :)